Business/Lending/Business Manager

Business/​Lending/​Business Manager


Could you grow your business if you had more cash?

Our goal is to provide our clients an automated financing solution enabling them to better manage cash flow and take advantage of new business opportunities.


  • Improve cash flow – With predictable cash flow, you can make payroll, remit payables on time, increase inventory, and pursue new business opportunities.
  • Offer financing options to your customers – Sharpen your competitive edge by offering flexible payment terms. You win and your customers win.
  • Larger Line of Credit – Because we base your limit on projections as well as past performance, your credit line is frequently much higher than a traditional working capital line which is typically based on the past and is governed by a borrowing base.
  • Save time and money – Take advantage of prompt payment discounts from suppliers and get back to doing business. In some cases these discounts reduce or even negate the cost of our financing.