Personal Banking/​Additional Products & Services


  • Save time: Your statement is delivered immediately via computer, encrypted and secure.
  • Save space: Electronic delivery means no added paper.
  • Save the clutter: Statements can also be printed off or saved to a computer in PDF format.


  1. Log into your Peoples Internet banking account.
  2. Click on the “User Services” tab, and then click on the “e-Statements only” link. (Or if you are on the “Accounts” page, then click on the “Statement” link.)
  3. Next click on “Electronic Only Statement Delivery” link.
  4. After reading and accepting the e-disclosure policy, you can select either “submit for this account” or “submit for all accounts”.

Overdraft Protection

At Peoples, you have choices:

  • Assurance that items will not be returned in the case of an accounting mistake (sweep from parent account to child account as “parent” account protects “child” account)
  • Easily set up between accounts (withdrawal restrictions apply for savings and money market accounts)

Night Deposits

A safe way to make deposits 24 hours a day.

Wire Transfer Services

  • A service available to you that allows you to transfer money to another financial institution in a short amount of time.
  • Wire Instructions

Cashier’s Checks

  • A convenient alternative to personal checks for large purchases
  • Official Proof of Funds

 Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Peace of mind knowing that valuables are less susceptible to theft, fire and water damage.
  • Quick access to boxes are available anytime during lobby hours
  • Boxes are available in most locations in different sizes.

NOTE: Safe deposit box contents are NOT insured by Peoples Bank or FDIC.

Notary Services

A service available at most locations that allows a signature to be authenticated.

Stop Payment Services

An order for the bank to stop payment on a check before it has cleared the account.

  • Have the peace of mind knowing that a lost or stolen check will not be cashed.

Gift Cards

  • A safe and easy way to give a gift to someone that can be used at entities that take Visa.
  • Can be loaded in amounts up to $1,000.00